• HomeFit - Best Home Fitness Equipment Provider - UK

    The HomeFit Team are delighted to announce that HomeFit has been awarded:    Best Home Fitness Equipment Provider - UK for the 2021 Fitness & ...
  • Top 5 Benefits Of Home Fitness

    Not Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

    What is main reason you give when you're not achieving your fitness goals?

    There is no escaping the fact that you need to put effort in if you want to get fitter but most of the time the reasons we're not successful have nothing to do with the the exercise itself.  Here are the real reasons.

    The Benefits Of Exercising At Home

    Why would working out from home be any different?  What are the benefits of home workouts?  

    There a a huge number of reason that adding home exercise to your fitness regime can benefit you.  Here at HomeFit we think these are the top 5 benefits for a fitter you.

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  • ¡La forma rápida y divertida de ponerse en forma en casa!

    Introduciendo El nuevo HomeFit Fitness Rebounder Mini trampolín ofrece es una forma rápida y divertida de ponerse en forma en casa para cada nivel ...