The Fast & Fun Way To Get Fit At Home!


The new HomeFit Fitness Rebounder Mini Trampoline offers is a fast and fun way to get fit at home for every fitness level and age.

The HomeFit Trampoline is ideal for modern jumping fitness, balance and rebounding! Increase your fitness and support the strengthening of your muscles.

The intensive trampoline sport burns a significant amount of calories up to 3x quicker than traditional exercises.

The joint-gentle suspension of the HomeFit Trampoline is breathable, the safety cover is water-repellent providing easy-care and low-maintenance.

A home fitness device for fun and effective home workouts!

Your Fitness, Your Goals, Your Pace, Your Place.

Using the HomeFit Fitness Rebounder Mini Trampoline can burn more calories than traditional floor based exercises whilst the low impact reduces strain on joints whilst increasing flexibility.

  • Includes an Exercise Guide with 10 different exercises for a full body workout.
  • Improve Your Fitness Levels and Increase Strength
  • Full Body Workout with Low Impact on Joints
  • Can help with Balance, Coordination and Weight loss/control

Exercise in the comfort of your own home, workout however and whenever its right for you.

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