Abbie's Sparkle Foundation - Charity Partnership - Feb 2022

HomeFit are delighted to announce our first Charity Partnership is with Abbie's Sparkle Foundation.  

HomeFit will donate 5% of all sales during February 2022 to Abbie's Sparkle Foundation.

Abbie's Sparkle Foundation LogoIn addition to the sales donation, HomeFit will be diverting marketing budget to promote the partnership and raise awareness of the great work done by Abbie's Sparkle Foundation.

This is our first Charity Partner initiative following the recent launch of HomeFit's Charity Partner Programme.

HomeFit Charity Partner Programme

Partnership Background

HomeFit became aware of Abbie's Sparkle Foundation when we received an order from them for HomeFit 24Kg Adjustable Dumbbells.  We reached out to see how the product was going to be used and got this amazing response:

This set of Dumbbells were purchased as a Sparkle Gift for a Child who is recovering from Leukaemia treatment and wishes to build up his strength again. This is the reply from his Mum after receiving his gift .... "Dumbbells arrived yesterday and he absolutely loves them. He was smiling from ear to ear and we can’t thank you all enough. It’s amazing what you do. Thank you for making our Boy very happy xxx"

Keen to support HomeFit immediately refunded the Dumbbells to Abbie's Sparkle Foundation and quickly agreed they would become our first Charity Partner.

How To Get Involved

How Everyone Can Help - If you like want we are trying to do and want to help us with this programme - please share with your own networks - follow, like, re-tweet, post and comment to generate exposure for the charity and our campaign.


Introducing Abbie's Sparkle Foundation

We are a Scottish Children’s Charity providing support for children with Cancer across the UK. We know how important it is to live every moment of every day to the full and Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation is here to spread Abbie’s Sparkle to help brighten a child’s day #sparkle.


Abbie's Story

Abbie’s smile, sparkle and infectious enthusiasm lit up the room and that’s exactly how Abbie wants people to remember and celebrate her life. Abbie(15) passed away on Christmas Day, 2017, after living with Sarcoma, an uncommon form of Cancer, for four years and four months. Christmas was Abbie’s favourite day, she loved it, we believe that Abbie held on and chose the sparkliest day of the year to go. It was the sense of humour and laugh-out-loud mentality, which set Abbie apart and meant she lived every moment to the full. Abbie was a vivacious and talented cheerleader who was hailed by medics as “incredible and a truly inspirational young women”. One of Abbie’s wishes is to raise money for “Hospitals and stuff” under the charity name Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation.

What Abbie's Sparkle Foundation Do

We give children Gifts and Grants, or as we call them “Sparkles” , assessed on an individual basis, dependant on need. We also provide no-cost stays at Abbie's Sparkle Lodge, a holiday home in the Cairngorms National Park, to help families share fun times and make magical memories. We do this with the purpose of ….

  • Putting a smile on the face of a child undergoing challenges due to cancer.
  • Giving them even a small moment to feel happier.
  • Them knowing that someone is thinking of them and understanding that times are hard.
  • Giving a child a treat that perhaps the family, due to circumstances, can no longer afford.
  • Helping support children who are away from home having treatment.
  • Helping families make special memories together.
  • We also wish to spread Awareness of Sarcoma and Childhood Cancer.
Abbie has so far spread 822 Sparkle Gifts and Grants to children affected by cancer throughout the UK.
Registered Charity: SC048189


Abbie's Sparkles Foundation - The Full Story 

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