HomeFit Charity Partnerships Programme

HomeFit is delighted to announce our new Charity Partnerships Programme. The programme aims to raise money for the Charity Partner and awareness for both the Charity Partner and HomeFit. Each charity partner will be part of HomeFit's marketing campaigns and will receive a donation based on a % of our sales.

HomeFit Charity Partnership


In our mission to help everyone achieve our fitness goals, HomeFit spend a significant part of our budget on Marketing.  During 2021 this spend when to huge rich businesses like Google, Facebook and Amazon.  We thought there must be a better way to invest this money to achieve more mutual benefit.  Whilst planning for 2022 came up with the idea to divert some our marketing budget away from the multi-nationals to charity partners.

We are only to aware of how much money millions of small business are spending on online advertising with corporate giants.  If we and others can direct even a small % of this to good causes, we believe we can have a really positive impact.

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How It Will Work

  1. We will select a charity partner every other month.
  2. For the chosen month we will use paid online advertising to promote our partnership with the charity raising awareness of both the Charity and HomeFit.
  3. Both HomeFit and the Charity Partner will promote the partnership through their own marketing channels (Social, PR) to their audiences.
  4. HomeFit will donate a % of sales revenue to the Charity partner for that month.

How To Get Involved

How Everyone Can Help - If you like want we are trying to do and want to help us with this programme - please share with your own networks - follow, like, re-tweet, post and comment to generate exposure for the charity and our campaign.

Charities  - Please contact us on info@homefit.store with information about your charity, it's cause and how you think we could work together.  We aim to work with UK based charities only at this stage.

Businesses Looking To Do The Same - If you'd like to feel better about your marketing spend and want to discuss what we are doing - please get in touch info@homefit.store and we'd be happy to help.

HomeFit Home Gym Fitness Exercise Equipment

About HomeFit

HomeFit are on a mission to help everyone achieve their Fitness Goals.

We offer you a range of Fitness Equipment tailored for the home, all designed to Look Great, Use Less Space, Protect Your Home and Store Easily.

With equipment For All Workouts and All Fitness Levels, you can get the equipment that is right for you.

Now is your time to get HomeFit - The Fast, Fun and Convenient way to Get Fit!

HomeFit Home Gym Fitness Exercise Equipment

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